Sell To PRISM Members

PRISM International is fortunate to have a very active and engaged community of vendors. Opportunities for vendors exist not only in obvious areas such as advertising, sponsorships and exhibiting at conferences and trade shows but also as a part of PRISM International’s Corporate Partner Council. The Corporate Partner Council is composed entirely of vendors to PRISM International members and discusses issues and opportunities available to Corporate Partners of PRISM International. This council has its own elected representative to the PRISM International Board of Directors.

In this section of the website you will find details regarding advertising opportunities including a downloadable media kit. In addition, you can locate an exhibitor prospectus for each upcoming conference (including a floor plan) and also a list of sponsorship opportunities available at upcoming conferences and workshops. These educational events are central to the mission of PRISM International and the educational support provided by Corporate Partner members of PRISM International are a critical form of support to the organization.

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