PRISM International Privacy+ Certification

Privacy+ is a prestigious international certification program that allows records and information management companies to demonstrate commitment to ensuring the privacy of information.

The Privacy+ certification is voluntary for companies that handle physical storage, hard-copy records and offline removable computer media.

A Client Perspective: Should I be using a company that’s Privacy+ Certified?

Absolutely, this certification eases stress and allows you to trust that your offsite records management company is protecting your valuable documents and information. PRISM has made it easy, you can find all Privacy+ Certified companies here. You can also look for the Privacy+ logo on your offsite records storage facilities website.

A Company Perspective: Should we become Privacy+ Certified?

Without a doubt! The Privacy+ Certification benefits your company in so many ways. As a company, you are audited and prepared so that you can confidently tell your client’s that they can trust you with their most important documents and information. Your clients are now looking for the Privacy+ logo and expect it, so don’t delay—your customers are watching!

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