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PRISM International has produced a brochure outlining the benefits of membership in the organization and describing the various classes of membership and costs of joining the organization. For any additional questions regarding membership in PRISM International, please contact PRISM International via e-mail at

PRISM International offers five types of memberships.

Active Members are the primary members of the organization. These are commercial records centers, media vault operations, confidential destruction companies, imaging services companies, and other information management outsourcing companies.

Affiliate Members are additional units or locations that are added to an existing Company Membership.

Associate Members are companies that provide goods or services to Company Members.

Membership dues are paid annually on a calendar year basis.

PRISM International reserves the right to the use of any copyrighted material or its trademarks. These materials are reserved for members and rights and privileges may be revoked for those who allow their membership to expire.

Join both PRISM International and NAID to save! Dual membership discount of $250.

Contact PRISM for information on how to pay membership dues via wire transfer.

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