Free Resources for Information and Purchasing Managers

Demand the Best

The Self-Evaluation Checklist for Commercial Records Centers was created by ACRC, one of PRISM International’s predecessor organizations. Its updates are now incorporated and restructured in the publication Demand the Best. More…

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Pocket Guide

This piece is great for an insert with letters or flyers and outlines ten important questions that customers should ask before choosing an information management professional, i.e. “How do you ensure other people cannot access my information? The backside displays the PRISM International Code of Ethics. ” The Pocket Guide slides easily into a #10 envelope — perfect to include with an introductory sales letter. More…


Why Data Protection?

This publication provides a justification for outsourcing data protection services. This piece is designed to provide marketing support for sales efforts directed at IT or other purchasers of Data Protection Services. More…

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Why Go Offsite?

Members of PRISM International can provide cost savings, aid in disaster recovery, help to facilitate systematic records and information organization and retention, preserve information in a secure environment until it is no longer required, then destroy it through the use of secure methods. More…

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Why Records Management?

Information has always been an organization’s central resource. Without it, the modern organization simply could not function. Business records are operational—and sometimes strategic—assets. They have economic, legal, fiscal, risk-management, and competitive values. Many organizations, however, lack effective policies and procedures for systematic control of their recorded information. As a result, they keep some records too long, spend too much to store them, waste time looking for misplaced information, risk penalties for non-compliance with recordkeeping regulations, risk a public-relations nightmare, and fail to protect mission-critical information from harm. More…

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