Corporate Partner Council

Corporate Partner Council Established to Represent Vendor Interests

PRISM International is fortunate to have an extremely supportive family of vendor members, (historically called Corporate Partners; now as part of the larger i-SIGMA family called Associate Members), who provide goods and services to commercial records centers, data protection companies, imaging conversion companies and confidential destruction companies. The Corporate Partner members are event sponsors, exhibit at conferences, assist in membership recruitment, and are an important source of industry education and knowledge.

In May 2008, the PRISM International membership approved changes to the PRISM International Bylaws that created a Corporate Partner Council. In May 2009 the PRISM International membership made one additional series of amendments to place a Corporate Partner representative on the PRISM International Board of Directors. Based upon these changes, all Corporate Partner members are now automatically members of the Corporate Partner Council and elected their first representative to the PRISM International Board in November 2009.

The Corporate Partner Council will hold periodic conference calls throughout the year. Topics will include PRISM International policies that affect access to marketing channels, types of sponsorships that are offered, consensus on operating rules designed to promote competition among Corporate Partner members, and promote the general health of the organization and the industry. These actions, opinions, inquiries, and requests are carried directly to the PRISM International Board of Directors for further action.

Members of the Corporate Partner Council also receive the e-publication “Corporate Partner Update”. This publication will outline opportunities, provide reminders of deadlines, identify new members who have joined PRISM International and review actions taken by the Corporate Partner Council.

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