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PRISM Privacy+ Certification has recently undergone a revamp and is now stronger than ever! Become Certified today.

To foster complete transparency, all PRISM Privacy+ Certification® documents are available to service providers and their customers free of charge. Learn all about the program and its requirements »

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Pre-Recorded Webinar: Introducing the New PRISM Privacy+ Certification

Learn about the new, improved, and more robust PRISM Privacy+ Certification Program being implemented March 2020 and what your company will need to do to retain or earn its certification.

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Pre-Recorded Webinar: How the New PRISM Privacy+ & NAID AAA Certification Programs Work Together

Discover how changes to PRISM Privacy+ Certification align it closely with NAID AAA Certification and how your company can more easily achieve dual certification, while saving time and money.

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The PRISM PRIVACY+ Certification Program Department
The association has staff available to answer your questions. Contact staff anytime at [email protected] or +1 602-788-6243.