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Abandoned Records Case Study

In a previous PRISM International blog, there was a discussion related to RIM providers responding to issues of abandoned records within a record center.  As a follow-up to that discussion, it is important to address that it is not a matter of if – but a matter of when a record center and team will […]

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Record Abandonment -Identify RIM Provider Alternatives?

Who pays the bill when the company declares bankruptcy? When a practitioner retires and/or meets an untimely death–who pays the RIM service invoice?  What about the outstanding invoices when a practitioner closes a “single practitioner” office and joins a large consortium practice or medical school? As an example, who pays the invoice for those boxes […]

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Attitude is the Key

By Ray Barry, Managing Partner at Shred America The most important quality that top sales professionals and business owners possess is, without a doubt, a positive attitude. I have never met a great sales professional that had a negative attitude. In sales, as in life, attitude is a major factor in your successes and failures. […]

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Are You Telling Your Clients Your Company is HIPAA Certified?

By: Gail Bisbee, RN, BSN If so – you may be misleading the client! A record center or service provider as a company is not a “certifiable” entity as it pertains to HIPAA. Yet, there are RIM providers who suggest and/or market the company as HIPAA Certified. That is painting the company’s compliance with a […]

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