Benefits Of Membership In PRISM

11 Reasons to Join PRISM International

  1. We offer our members a world-class education program that will improve your industry knowledge and skills, and ultimate increase the profitability of your company.
  2. We give our members the opportunity to meet, share information, and develop friendships with the leaders in records and information management around the world.
  3. We market to the customers and potential customers of PRISM members, enabling our members to acquire new leads and new customers.
  4. We offer publications such as InFocus magazine and PRISM Week in Review to our members, enabling them to stay on top of important industry trends and best practices.
  5. We answer questions from our members, either through the PRISM Member Community or by connecting them with other members with expertise.
  6. Through participation in industry coalitions and associations, we support advocacy efforts that benefit our industry.
  7. We offer our members the opportunity to learn about the latest products and services from exhibitors at PRISM Conferences and other PRISM Corporate Partners.
  8. We offer our members the opportunity to leverage the PRISM logo and code of ethics in their marketing materials.
  9. We offer our members access to industry specific resources and studies, such as the Standard Storage Agreement, an Insurance Risk Transfer White Paper, a model Business Associate Agreement, and morenhance your professionalism by using the PRISM logo and code of ethics in your materials.
  10. We provide our members with the opportunity to serve on committees, task forces and the Board of Directors and therefore shape the direction of the records and information management industry.
  11. We provide leadership to the industry in the form of Privacy+ certification, setting a standard for security in offsite records and information management, and allowing companies to publicly demonstrate their commitment to protecting the privacy of information entrusted to them by their clients.

Additional Membership Benefits

PRISM Buyer’s Guide:
PRISM International’s Online Buyer’s Guide is a free service to all members. This searchable database provides a direct route for customers to search individual members, as well as a great way for members to reach each other.

PRISM International’s most recent addition to networking services features one-on-one mentoring, specialized articles, educational conference calls, and roundtable sessions.

The PRISM International staff is ready to assist in finding solutions to problems, locating potential vendors and products or finding the answer to all questions.

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