About PRISM International

PRISM International has a global focus on records information management (RIM), including physical record storage and management, data protection services, imaging and conversion services, and confidential destruction services. It advocates for a standard of best practices across governments and by service providers as well as suppliers of products, equipment, and professionals within the industry. PRISM International serves members in more than 50 countries around the world, many of whom hold PRISM Privacy+ Certification, a prestigious international certification program that allows records and information management companies to demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the privacy of information. PRISM International was originally formed as an association in the mid-1990s through a merger of two other associations: the Association of Commercial Records Centers (ACRC) which was founded in 1980; and the National Association of Secured Data Vaults (NASDV) which was founded in 1981, before coming under the umbrella of the International Secure Information Governance and Management Association™ (i-SIGMA™) as a division in 2018.