September 2019

Inclement Weather Warnings: Customer Service and Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Planning, training, and mock disaster exercises – Three key components of an effective disaster plan.  Regardless of the size of a RIM provider or company service level, the ability to respond internally to the threat of disaster or a potential disaster is critical. One that is well documented, understood by all team members, and available […]

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i-SIGMA Expands Government Relations Monitoring Capabilities

As of next month, i-SIGMA will begin monitoring proposed legislation with new state-of-the-art software designed specifically for that purpose. “We really had no choice,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, “There are simply too many regulatory developments to track manually, and stakes are too high to leave it to chance.” The new software will allow the […]

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i-SIGMA Board Approves New Committees

2020 Nominating Committee Next year will mark the first election for i-SIGMA, concluding the tenure of the interim board that is overseeing the assimilation of NAID and PRISM International for its first 20 months. In preparation for the election, the board has approved the appointments of four highly regarded industry veterans to the 2020 Nominating […]

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i-SIGMA CEO Comments on New Jersey Regulatory Event

The New Jersey legislature is confronting an issue that all states (and all governments) will soon be forced to confront. As the saying goes, the genie is out of the bottle and, in the case of data protection and privacy regulations, it is the GDPR that rubbed the proverbial lamp. In short, what the GDPR […]

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Board Readies Next Generation of Privacy+ Certification

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has officially accepted a recommendation by the Privacy+ Certification Committee to both lower program expenses while increasing its relevance. When PRISM International originally launched the program, Privacy+ Certification was directly tied to the SSAE 16 Certification, a well-accepted accounting/operational certification created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) […]

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Abandoned Records Case Study

In a previous PRISM International blog, there was a discussion related to RIM providers responding to issues of abandoned records within a record center.  As a follow-up to that discussion, it is important to address that it is not a matter of if – but a matter of when a record center and team will […]

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